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Okay everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but I hope once I show you what we've been working on, you'll forgive me! I present to you: the Star Trek crew! But not just any crew--the evil Star Trek crew!
Aren't they cute? They are from the "Mirror, mirror" episode of the original Star Trek series. We made (from left to right) Uhura, Marlena, Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Scotty. Aren't they so evil, with their little gold sashes? They have lots of little evil badges on, too. I love Kirk's little sparkly vest. Here's a closeup of Kirk and Spock, best (evil) buds:
I think the most challenging thing on this set of dudes was their hair (on my end, at least, I think those incredibly tiny sculpey badges were probably hard on the boyfriend), but I think in the end it turned out so well. Spock's little bowl cut totally makes him, and Kirk's combover/widow's peak hair looks awesome. Uhura's hair was the most difficult, but it definitely turned out super cute.
Okay, well, you can't really see it that well here, but I fixed it all up really nice in a little up-do. I think it totally looks like her, though. I like how the women get all sexified--maybe it's a subliminal message showing that scantily clad women equal evil women? Who knows.

Oh yeah, and here are all of their little extras:
See the two phasers? Well, they have a little black part that comes off, and it's held on by magnets. The left one shows the black part that is separated, and the right one has everything all together. And the little communicator flips open, too. I think the communicator is really cute.

Okay, anyway, that's it! I hope you guys like it. This was a really big custom order, so now that it's done we'll have some more time to finish Zelda and do more projects. Or I can just play Mass Effect some more. How come no one told me that game was so awesome?

I am planning on putting up some free patterns this week, to try and atone for my laziness in blogging this week. Also, if you have time, check out the etsy article about quitting your day job that I did! It was super fun to be interviewed, and I think the article turned out really well. Many thanks to marymary for setting everything up. Anyway, stay tuned! Many more great things coming up soon.
24th-Jul-2008 10:57 am - It's time to save the world!
What do you say to that, Link? Nothing! Get it? Because Link doesn't talk! Okay, whatever. Anyway, here is Link! I was going to wait to post him until we had Zelda done, but I'm impatient and I want to show him off now, so here he is!
I think he's so adorable! I hardly did any work on him either, the boyfriend did most of the work this time. He did all of the decorative stitching and everything, which goes all around his hat and his tunic. He has little gauntlets too, which I think look a little cumbersome, but the boyfriend likes them. Anyway, that is just a picture of plain Link, here's a picture of his accessories.
He has a Master Sword, a shield, an ocarina, and a lonlon milk bottle. It's really very cute, it has a little label with a little cow on it and everything. We just found these little empty bottle charm thingies at Hobby Lobby, and he painted the inside white with a little paint and then taped the little label on. And Link can carry everything on him, too, except the ocarina. Like Boromir, his shield attaches to his back, and his sword fits in behind the shield. The milk can be attached on the belt too, it has a little loop on the top. Here's a better view of how it attaches:
Anyway, I hope you guys like him! More pics on the flickr, as always. Zelda will be following soon (I hope...) but we're still working on the Star Trek people, so who knows when we'll get a chance to finish her. Hopefully we're going to have the Star Trek crew finished by next week--they are going to be SO cool, by the way--so that will free up some time to work on our little side projects. Of course, with Mass Effect taking up a lot of my free time, who knows. I'll try to stay on task though! Stay tuned!
21st-Jun-2008 10:28 am - I doubt the reach of HIS arm
Because he's so tiny! Get it? Alright, nevermind. Anyway, here he is, (three days later than I promised, I know! I've been so bad!) Eomer, son of Eomund, rider of Rohan!
He he! Isn't he cute? He was pretty complicated, too. His helmet, of course, is amazing, and made out of scupey. He has, like, four layers of felt on---the green part (you can only see it sticking out of the front a little bit) and then the silver scale thing over that, and then the red armor part is two layers of felt. Then, everything is painted, and he has little gauntlets and fake chain mail. Here's his helmet:

It has a little horsey on the front and everything! And of course the horse tail (or whatever it is supposed to be) coming out of the top of the helmet. Look at all of the little details and engravings! It's crazy.

And here's everything all laid out--his helmet, and sword. His sword just tucks into his belt.

Anyway, I was so excited to share him with you guys, I just couldn't wait! We will be putting some better pictures on flickr later today or tomorrow, so keep an eye out for them. Cobra Commander is next, we're planning on having him ready by this weekend.

EDIT: Updated pretty pictures!
2nd-Jun-2008 10:35 pm - Firefly Amigurumi!
We finished the Firefly crew!  Do you wanna see a picture? Of course you do.  Here ya go.

Aren't they adorable?  I think they're just the cutest.  We wanted to finish them all before we posted them, and it was totally worth it!  Everyone has their own little accessories, too.  You'll just have to stay tuned to see them!  Well, here's Jayne's.  The hero of Canton in the flesh (well, yarn):
Ta da! He has his hat--of course. We already had the colors, too, because the boy wanted to knit a Jayne hat for himself. That didn't turn out to well. And yes, I crocheted the hat, but only because I cannot knit with double pointed needles to save my life. And the little poof ball on top! I like that part.

And of course, where would Jayne be without his favorite gun? Probably dead somewhere, but that's not the point. Here's Vera, made out of sculpey of course, hooked onto Jayne via a strap around his chest. His belt has little pockets on it, too. And his belt buckle is actually functional! How crazy is that?
He doesn't have much in the way of accessories, but the ones that he does have I think are really great. He even has his little wrist cuff! And grenades, of course. I was worried about how he would turn out, being kind of stubbly with really short hair (which is really hard to imitate in crochet and felt) but I think he is really great looking.

Anyway, Jayne is the first Firefly crew member we have pictures of, but there are eight more to go! Stay tuned.
25th-May-2008 09:34 am - Look! Up in the sky!
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...a plain looking amigurumi business man?

Huh. Well, that's kind of boring. But wait! He's taking his jacket off...
No wait, it's Superman! Ha ha. This little Superman is so cool! He can change into Clark Kent and everything. Okay, here's how it works.

The blue jacket (from the first picture) has the gray undershirt and tie all sewn together. It has working buttons to keep everything together. Yeah--they actually work. Then, when you want to change him into Superman, you unbutton the jacket, take the jacket and glasses off, spin the little jerry curl that's hidden under his hairline (I thought that part was especially hilarious) and attach his cape. The cape has little hooks sewn on, and I sewed the loops directly onto Superman's body. The way the cape is positioned, you can't even see the hooks!

We used Gorilla Glue to glue on his "S" so that there wouldn't be any holes, like there would have been if I had sewn it on. Let me just tell you--Gorilla Glue is AWESOME. That stuff is crazy strong. That "S" is not coming off anytime soon.

I am so pleased with how this turned out. I think he looks fantastic, and I absolutely love how he can change costumes. Let me know what you guys think! We're hoping to get lots done on this three-day weekend, so hopefully I'll have another post for you guys tomorrow.
22nd-May-2008 09:06 pm - Who you gonna call?
We finished a custom order! (Finally, this one took almost a month to complete). It's a Ghostbuster! We were going to make Venkman, but we couldn't fit his name on the name tag so we just went with generic Ghostbuster dude.
Looks pretty plain from the front right? Well check this out!
He has so much gear on the back of him! The proton pack is the biggest backpack in the middle--it has bunches of wires and tons of little safety warnings on it. It connect with a hose to the proton gun (on the top right), which hooks on the backpack and can come off, so that the little guy can hold it.

And then on the bottom right we have the ghost trap, which connects on the left side to the little foot pedal, and the two on these both connect to the backpack.

Oh yeah, and the whole backpack shenanigans can all be removed. He's a little backwards heavy, but he can still stand up.
Look at the little detail patch! And the black thing are the elbow pads. He also has a walky-talky, but we didn't get a picture of it--it detaches from the belt too.

I'm so proud of him! It took a lot of work, but he ended up being really cute. I'm working on another custom order right now, and I won't tell you what it is but I think he's going to be SWEET! He's going to change costumes and everything...it's going to be really cool. I'll keep you guys updated!
20th-May-2008 12:16 pm - Gandalf the White Amigurumi
Okay okay, we weren't working on the Firefly people this weekend. (Well, sort of, Vera is done now, as well as Zoe's gun and some other small accessories). But here's what we were working on instead!

It's Gandalf the White! Excuse the surprised look, I sewed his eyebrows on a little high. It's better than a little low though, otherwise he would look really angry. Anyway, we have had pieces of him done forever--the staff has been done for a couple of weeks, his clasp has been done for a month (which you can't even see because it's hidden by his beard!), and I quilted his front piece a couple of days ago. He actually came together pretty fast.

That diamond piece is quilted, and the white piece under it is painted. His cloak also has little painting designs around the edge too.
Uh oh...What's happening...
No! The two can't meet! Oh no!! Time paradox!
Aw man, the two Gandalfs broke the world. Good job guys.

Anyway, let me know what you think!
14th-May-2008 08:36 pm - Captain Jack Amigurumi
Alright everyone, we finally finished the character we've been working on for the past couple of days! I'm so excited about him. Here he is!
Captain Jack Sparrow! He is probably the most detail oriented amigurumi we've made so far, and we had to edit some of the stuff we were going to put on him. But he does have his compass, a bird's claw, two belts, a sword, his pistol, beads in his hair, bones in his hair, coins in his hair (and lots of other stuff I tied in there) and his hat and his jacket and his vest. Whew! That's a lot of stuff.

I kind of like him without his hat on. He has so many accessories going on here, I love how kind of crazy it makes him look. But he still turned out super cute. Can you believe those belt buckles are made out of sculpey? Boyfriend is getting really good at making belt buckles (and rum bottles!).
This is the first time we've done a fabric other than felt (for the fabric around his waist and his head scarf) and it wasn't too bad. I generally avoid felt because I hate to seam things, but these two weren't that bad. The jacket and vest are still felt though, and they both have all of the details painted on. I love the little buttons on the jacket, I think they turned out great.

Well, that's all I can say about it now. Check out my flickr page for more pictures, I uploaded a ton of them. This Jack is also for sale here if anyone is interested (the one we made for ourselves is safely tucked away, and not going anywhere!) I am so pleased with how he turned out, I hope you guys like him!
8th-May-2008 10:39 pm - Another custom order
Okay guys, here's a custom order we finished a couple of days ago.
It's Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist! For those of you who don't watch anime, this character works for the military and is the on the "good guy" side of things. He is an alchemist and is known as the "Flame Alchemist" (I think, it's been a really long time since I've watched it). His outfit was actually pretty hard to figure out, it took a while to come together. His little flame on his hand also comes off.
He has his flame gloves on too,
see the little alchemy symbol? He has those on both sides, along with his shoulder patch and his rank insignia. We spent SO LONG looking for the right color felt for him, and even though it's not perfect I love the way it turned out. With the gold braid on, it looks like the perfect blue color. And the silver lines really make everything pop out, and make everything look very professional and crisp. I need to make Ed and Al now!
5th-May-2008 02:26 pm - Boba Fett!
Alright guys, Boba Fett is finally done! He was super hard to make, but he turned out awesome. Just like Boushh and Darth Vader, his helmet comes off. The sculpey expert really outdid himself with this one (sometimes to the point of annoying me) but in the end I think it was all worth it.

His helmet turned out really well; it looks all battle scarred and distressed. Check out his shoulder armor things too--one side has the Mandalorian symbol on it. Also check out his breastplate--his little electronic display reads "1138" on it.

His little armbands have a dart thrower in it too--if you look really closely (or at this super close shot--whatever) you can see teeny tiny little darts in it.
Let me know what you think! I'm very proud of him. I know I said I was working on Firefly people, but I have a list of like a thousand people that I want to make. Sometimes we get carried away over here, but I promise we are still working on it! We bought all of the supplies for the crew, so it shouldn't be long now.
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